What kind of window into a new house?

Jakie okna do nowego domu?

Anyone who builds a new house, always faced with the choice of accessories that are part of a whole new “sockets”. As we know, there is a lot of elements. And the tiles, and the doors, gutters and other details. One component is the window, our eyes to the world in a new home. But here the choice is not clear, because we have to choose wooden windows and windows made of PVC, commonly known as plastic. How to choose the right construction of these items?

Let me make a few pros and cons of these two products, which help us to, at least a little to make a decision. It is clear that everyone has their own likes and dislikes and will select the window according to their own standards. Case material, durability or maintenance, and prices will not be playing the role here. But for those less familiar with this issue, a matter of choice of windows is very different. For environmentalists would clear plastic windows choice because wood is associated with deforestation, and this is not environmentally friendly wrist guards. Another argument will durability plastic which is also associated with the use of a smaller timber. Further, we note that PVC windows are very, almost completely resistant to weather conditions or of any other external force. They are much more durable than wood windows, and hence, less susceptible to the “ravages of time”. It is known also that the same components of the plastic windows are made with greater accuracy because it does not require extensive manual labor, as is the case with wooden windows. Retailers just manual labor may be the argument for buying timber window.  

Jeśli chodzi o termin przydatności, drewniane okna niestety z upływem czasu, przy kiepskiej konserwacji mogą być podatne na korozje, wypaczenia i w rezultacie kwalifikować się na wymianę. Unfortunately, they require frequent painting, frequent maintenance to avoid their deplorable condition. However, the advantage of wooden windows is that they can change their color to match their tastes and create a colorful constellation, along with the color of your home. Another advantage is the natural origin of the timber, which is associated with positive well-being of the household, and is also the element of decoration around the house. So what can we scare? Definitely price. Wooden windows are more expensive than plastic windows. For those who prefer wooden windows, it can unfortunately be a reason to buy plastic windows. Price connected with the fact that the tree is a renewable material and the loss of such a window, you can not bring him back to the old form. Unfortunately for material costs, hence the choice, the price of timber window leaves a lot to be desired. Remember that plastic windows and quality associated with the price. It is logical that the better the quality, the higher the price.

PVC windows while cheaper, clean, no need to paint them, do not require any complicated maintenance and provide better insulation against wind, noise, because the density of the material is greater than the density of the wood. So which windows to choose? I bet PVC windows. I still remember from my childhood old wooden windows, the paint was peeling, have earned the bolts screwed fittings. Another argument is also a strength of wood windows in case of fire. Choć nie należy tego traktować, jako argument zasadniczy, jednak wiadomo, że takie sytuacje życiowe się zdarzają i w takim przypadku okna plastikowe wygrywają z oknami drewnianymi.