Wood in the bathroom?

Drewno w Ĺ‚azience?

Wood is the raw material used for many years in interior design. Once reigned the dance floor in the hallway and in the kitchen. Now that more often wooden elements found in the bathrooms. However, because not too friendly bathroom environment is not always the wood can behave the way you want. Under the influence of high temperature moisture once its companion, the wood may propagate or shrink. If your bathroom project, we are going to introduce a timber, we should pay attention to several features of wood, and of his species to choose one that will be most suited to this particular room.


What species of wood most check in your bathroom? First of all, these drives. Type of pine wood fall from the outset. Another feature that should be the oiliness and a dense structure. Before buying wood we have to consider that is resistant to moisture, which is resistant to fungus, and how it reacts to changes in temperature. A suitable type of wood will certainly oak, hornbeam, and exotic trees. The same kind of wood does not, however, guarantee its stability during use in the bathroom. It is very important therefore the adequate protection that will provide us with impregnation. Such measures will prevent wood rot PRZE and staining the parts exposed to direct contact with water. Choosing wood on the floor, avoid solid. This type of wood has a low resistance to humidity and temperature changes. On the floor panels to the corresponding bid consisting of three layers.


Impregnating varnish the floor, we have to pay attention not to make the paint solvent. This type of paint will unfortunately even visible to the eye cracks that allow moisture to get into the wood. The paint should be labeled as waterproof. The impregnation of the simplest and most practical, because this type of the next impregnation should take place only after the expiration of at least 10 years.