How to change the nature of the stairs.

As you know just choose the appropriate space on the stairs in your home is a very difficult art, because they take up a lot of space and must be accounted for in the project […]

Stone items in the home.

Stone in the house and the garden is really a very good choice, because in addition to all the basic features such as, for example, durability is also extremely impressive. Suitable our elegant atmosphere and […]

What kind of flooring to choose to live?

Traditional, modern, organic or produced to individual orders. This is one of the few terms, which we can define our floor. In any event it is essential that they create atmosphere of our home. They […]

Small refuge in a huge block.

Furnishing the apartment very much attention focused on the arrangement of individual design. Choose furniture that will komponowa the whole apartment. Many people employ an interior designer to help compose all the elements so that […]

Fireplace – the heart of our home.

What is true of our interior design really is conditioned by several different factors, such as the furniture is very important to give it the proper composition and color, the walls and floor give it […]