Bathing bathroom or living room?

Enchanted, a beautiful, high-length feature. Who would not want to have a beautiful, huge living room bath, decorated in the style of the palace. Duża wanna z pachnącą pianą a w niej my po całym […]

Eclectic living room – practical tips

What exactly is eclecticism? There is nothing like joining together in the interiors not only different kinds of designs, but also the colors and stuff from various eras. The basis for this kind of setting […]

Fashionable living – how to decorate it?

It often happens that bored us to design our apartment or house. How much can you see the same faces in dull colors, the same furniture changed for several years, or even non-re. I wanted […]

How to create a spacious living room?

It turns out that the decoration according to the latest trends does not have to be as difficult as you might be worried. Usually in modern minimalist interior has a typical, because it is with […]

Fit and paint used fireplace

You think fit and paint the old fireplace is a challenge not to go? In simple terms we will show you how wrong you are. Fireplaces today and used two totally different worlds. Most of […]